Monday, 11 January 2016

Alright people ,
Saz here again to give another update on our life in TY!!! next on the map was Holly Day. Myself and the pals headed into town to do some collecting for charity for the ISPCC. That was an experience as it was freezing out 'wouldn't be long getting frostbite'!!!!!ahhh i am gas. Myself Beibhino and RO Carrdashain were triplets for the day we have great craic belting out the odd cribmo tune here and there :)))) stars in the making!!!!!. after that we went Spanish speed dating, WELL THAT WAS AN EXPERIENCE, them poor posh boys got awful shock when myself and girlos landed into Castle- Knock College. Snap chat names were flying around during our 120 seconds period with each and everyone of them, 60 seconds would have been enough but what ever floats you're boat cupid:))). we also got invited to a party but then that was cancelled so no more castle Knock boys :((((((((( Next was the best day of TY so far we went to see Mary Poppins in the Bord Gais. I myself have spent the majority of my life involved in Performing Arts so when ever i get see a production its like music to my ear LITERALLY. The production was amazing and ill remember it when i am looking back on my life in TY.  Also for the past 3 weeks we have been going Spinning for PE. Talk about pain tbh id rather stay fat then have to encounter that pain of even sitting on that bike ever again:)))) ITS NOW CHRISTMAS!!!! sadly i had to spend this crimbo on a farm surrounded by cows!!! LETS JUST SAY WE WONT BE REPEATING THAT AGAIN NEXT CRIMBO. Best part of it was Christmas eve because good ole Mother Mary bought me to River king and safe to say i didn't leave noting behind :)) Back to school now :( started work experience and i love it defiantly going to make the most of it this time round ! Thats really it for ty so far except for the BT young scientist. Me and the girlos were in the car crash RIP squad of EB, AG, RA, SC, AS AND EL we will be missed , jk were still alive obviously just some simulator. Anyways talk soon again pals luv ye lots my people XX
Stay breathing,
Peace out,

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